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What is Nectar?

Nectar is a collection of words and art in both print and digital issues. We are based out of the San Fernando Valley in California, with guest contributors from around the globe. Most of our content is created through collaborations, therefore, completed submissions are not accepted. We are a creative outlet for young artists as well as an open journal to showcase different perspectives and stories. This platform is dedicated to teenagers and young adults alike, we do what we want and go our own way.

It’s art, it’s feelings, it’s sh*t we want you to see.

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Behind the Blog

Editor in Chief, Aime: 22 years old living and wandering through the San Fernando Valley in California. There she writes, illustrates, and is inspired to create content for the blog and print issues. Nectar Zine is usually put together in her bedroom and anywhere else (really). You are always welcome to be part of the blog by collaborating, or offering any suggestions through email or any of our social media platforms.

If you would like to be a part of any collaborations, future projects or have general inquiries you can reach us here:

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