There’s something magical about visiting a new place and feeling like it could be your home. That spark inside your mind lights itself on fire when you walk down the street or drive passed a cafe with a bustling crowd. You start fantasizing about living there and starting something new. It’s a newfound ecstasy just for you. But leaving this dream state is like heartbreak, you don’t want to leave but you can’t quite stay either. This is the time I left my heart in San Francisco. I still haven’t gotten it back yet.

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I think I love you but I don’t know you very well

Someday I hope that’s changed

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I was blue for you

Dark blue, then indigo to lighter hues

Until the shades started to get confused

I was anew

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Keep me from going crazy

Don’t feel like staying away much longer

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You taste like an adventure waiting to happen

My little discovery

A euphoric alteration to my plain existence

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Don’t want to leave you now

I don’t think I can be different without you

Will you love this part of me?

I’m okay with going crazy